Arborétum cuvée (sweet) 2009: residual sugar: 60g/l
A wine made from 'lisztes fehér' 50% (literal translation: 'white floury'/was one of the determinig varieties before the filoxera desease). and the mixture of old varieties such as 'török gohér','polyhos','járdoány', bakator' in 50%. Fermented in oak barrel, bottled in 2010 May.

Furmint, (dry)2008: A wine made from the’furmint’ variety, harvested from the steep slopes of ’Verebes’ vineyard in late October.Fermented in new oak barrel.

’Sweet Verebes’ 2008: residual sugar content: 85g/l
Sweet dessert wine made from ’furmint’ and ’kövérszőlő’ varieties, harvested at the begining of November.

’Hárslevelű’ (dry) 2009: A wine harvested at the end of October, fermented in a two-year-old oak barrel until May. Bottled in February 2011.

’Sweet Verebes’ 2009: residual sugar content: 80g/l
A blend of three grape varieties; ’kövérszőlő’, ’furmint’ and ’kabar’. Fermented in oak barrel and aged for six months. Bottled in Autumn 2010.

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